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Blemishes can occur again and again, at any age and with any skin type. The causes of blemished skin are manifold. Whether hormonal, environmental, poor diet or stress – pimples are annoying and have a negative impact on your complexion. But instead of covering them up with make-up for a short time, you can treat blemished skin with our BIODROGA Medical Institute CLEAR SKIN series and achieve a lasting improvement with effective ingredients. The ingredients, salicylic acid, niacinamide and zinc, have an anti-inflammatory effect to combat blemishes overnight and refine the pores.

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Products of the series at a glance

Professional support, performance treatments and power incis - at BIODROGA Medical Institute your skin is in good hands. The individual care and treatment concept with high-performance active ingredients and selected acids promises convincing results for every skin type. In addition, our cleanness standards and close cooperation with dermatologists ensure optimal skin compatibility.