Blemished Skin

Reasons for blemished skin can be many, and so can its symptoms. Internal factors such as hormones or health disorders can cause pimples, blackheads and acne as can external factors, for example, environmental stress, bacteria or wrong skin care products. Impure skin not only appears during puberty. Blemished skin among adults can be a problem as well. To rebalance impure skin, customized skin care based on your skin type seems to be the best approach. BIODROGA offers SOS skin care products for impure skin, and products for long-term improvement of blemished skin. Find your favorite impure skin product now, based on your skin type.

BIODROGA bietet SOS-Produkte für unreine Haut, sowie Produkte zur langfristigen Verbesserung unreiner Problemhaut. Finde jetzt Dein Lieblingsprodukt abgestimmt auf Deinen Hauttyp.

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