True Cleanness

Our promise

Clean Formulars meet high performance effects

We, at BIODROGA, commit ourselves to Clean Beauty. Our skin-friendly cosmetics stand for sustainable beauty care and are free from critically discussed ingredients. We therefore deliberately refrain from using mineral oils, parabens, microplastic particles, PEGs and silicones in all our products. In addition, if possible, we refrain from using fragrances and dyes, animal-based ingredients and gluten & lactose-containing ingredients. When formulating new recipes, we pay particular attention to using the hightest possible proportion of natural and near-natural ingreidents.

No Mineral oil, parabens & microplastic


No Cyclic silicones

True Beauty. Our Promise.

No Silicons, Pegs, Parabenes, Paraffin & Microplastics

We commit to refrain from silicones, PEGs, parabens, kerosene and microplastics out of strong conviction. Our goal is to produce unique skin care products – combining maximum skin compatibility and efficacy while being environmentally friendly. Silicones are multifunctional raw materials that act as skin conditioners, solubilizers and viscosity regulators, among other things, but are made from petroleum. We replace them with oils, solubilizers and thickeners made from raw materials of natural origin. These sustainably care for the skin and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Instead of PEGs, we use solubilizers and emulsifiers in our products that can be manufactured without petroleum and are gentle on the environment. We attach great importance to skin-compatible ingredients in our products and always proactively pay attention to the latest scientific research when it comes to new raw materials, which is why we use alternative preservative systems instead of parabens, for which raw materials of natural origin or from sustainable production are selected whenever possible. Our primary concern is to improve the skin’s condition in the long term. Instead of kerosenes, we use our sea silt extract and selected oils of plant origin, which have a moisturizing effect, nourish the skin and thus strengthen and protect the skin barrier.

True Beauty. Our promise.

No Mineral oils & Phthalates

For the sake of our environment, we do not use mineral oil. Due to the negative impact on the environment and criticism in the field of cosmetic application, this ingredient is on our NO list. Phthalates are so-called softeners, which provide a smooth consistency of the products. The fatal thing about phthalates is that they are hormonally active chemicals that are suspected of irreversibly impairing sensitive developmental processes in the maturing organism. We want to differentiate ourselves from phthalates and therefore refrain from using this controversially discussed ingredient.

True Beauty. Our promise.

No ingredients of animal origin, colorants, fragrances & ingredients containing gluten and lactose.

At Bioscience Institute, we avoid animal ingredients as much as possible and only use them when they add value to the skin. Fragrances and colorants are used and selected with care. At Medical Institute, we completely avoid animal ingredients as well as fragrances and dyes in order to be able to offer perfect care to “problem skin”. Furthermore, gluten- and lactose-free products are advertised accordingly.

True Beauty. Our promise.

No oxybenzone and formaldehyde.

Oxybenzone is an organic UV filter. This filter absorbs mainly UVB rays and short UVA rays, which are largely responsible for sun tanning, but also sunburn and skin cancer. The ingredient is on our NO list because it is harmful to our oceans. Oxybenzone is suspected to be responsible for coral bleaching and coral reef damage. Formaldehyde is mainly used as a preservative in cosmetic products. The substance is highly irritating to mucous membranes and eyes and can cause severe respiratory irritation when inhaled. We rely on the use of compatible preservatives that are harmless to humans and the environment.

Natural Origin Intex (NOI)

Natural origin

The NOI indicates the degree of natural origin of raw materials and cosmetic formulations. It is determined in accordance with ISO 16128, so that in principle a comparison with all products on the market worldwide is possible, provided that they have determined the NOI. When formulating new formulations, we pay particular attention to using the highest possible proportion of natural and near-natural ingredients. However, we come up against limits, especially in the area of active ingredients, since many active ingredients are specially designed. Especially in our highly effective products with high concentrations of active ingredients, this can therefore lead to a lower NOI.

Learning from the nature of our home. BIODROGA Bioscience Institute combines nature and science in clean formulations for moments of true beauty. Our in-house Black Forest Complex is based on the elemental forces of nature and provides unique energy and relaxation. Experience a time-out for all senses with BIODROGA Bioscience Institute – in the institute and at home.

Learning from the nature of our homeland. We unite nature and science in a very special way – for best effectiveness and absolute well-being. BIODROGA Bioscience Institute stands for a strengthened skin feeling and moments of real beauty. Our raw materials are always based on the model of nature. A large part of our ingredients are of natural origin or natural biological processes are determined by our founded knowledge. Our in-house Black Forest Complex unites the primordial forces of nature and provides a very special energy and relaxation. Gift yourself with the pampering treatments and enjoy a break for all the senses and a youthful glow – like a short break in the Black Forest.