True Beauty.

These are strong words – but what constitutes true beauty? We at BIODROGA believe that it is about the personal claim to feel completely comfortable in your own skin. This is not about exaggerated ideals of beauty, but rather about natural radiance and individual skin health. Wrinkles are a sign of a happy, fulfilled life full of highs and lows. After all, it is life that makes us beautiful.

Every body and every skin is beautiful! So why pretend to be something you are not? Remaining true to oneself and standing be oneself radiates a true beauty that no one else can beat. Being beautiful does not mean to be perfect. It’s about living and loving your own individuality. Because this beauty is of its own special nature. Feel beautiful and treat yourself well. We at BIODROGA support you in this endeavor.

True Heritage.

True People.

True Cleanness.

True Skincare.

True Experience.

What makes BIODROGA special?

We pool our energy and knowledge and develop together with experts, from science to application, honest products, holistic treatments and offer in our institutes, in stores and at home unique moments of care. This is how we make our contribution to individual well-being and natural radiance, and put our work at the service of truthful beauty. Because your beauty deserves only the best!

We are Made in Schwarzwald. Made by & for Professionals. Made Clear.

True Well-Being.

BIODROGA Bioscience Institute

Learning from the nature of our homeland. We unite nature and science in a very special way – for best effectiveness and absolute well-being. BIODROGA Bioscience Institute stands for a strengthened skin feeling and moments of real beauty. Our raw materials are always based on the model of nature. A large part of our ingredients are of natural origin or natural biological processes are determined by our founded knowledge. Our in-house Black Forest Complex unites the primordial forces of nature and provides a very special energy and relaxation. Gift yourself with the pampering treatments and enjoy a break for all the senses and a youthful glow – like a short break in the Black Forest.

True Performance.

BIODROGA Medical Institute

Professional support, performance treatments and power INCIs – at BIODROGRA Medical Institute, stressed skin is in good hands. Bye-bye problem skin, hello natural beauty. The key to maximum effectiveness lies in our innovative acid concept. Our unique product concept combines high-performance active ingredients and specific acids into formulations with maximum efficacy. A specially selected acid is integrated into each of our products, which specifically supports the product performance as an active effect booster. In addition, our cleanness standards and close cooperation with dermatologists ensure optimal skin compatibility. Four consecutive steps maximize the effectiveness of dermaceutical high-tech care and ensure optimal care and protection of the skin.

From Experts to Experts

True Professionals.

At BIODROGA, we stand for expert knowledge at eyelevel – in all aspects. Are you a self-employed beautician or would you like to become one? We are always on the lookout for new partners who want to open up to TRUE BEAUTY, true beauty, and our world of treatments and products together with us. Professional support, performance and pampering treatments, a free training and seminar programme, as well as exclusive Cabinet products and other benefits are waiting for you. Contact us today – we look forward to welcoming you as a professional in our BIODROGA family.

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