Enjoy memorable treatments in exclusive institutes and individualized home treatments – a brand experience for true beauty. BIODROGA has stood for high-performance cosmetics from in-house scientific research and development for more than 60 years. Unique ingredients and powerful treatments, rounded off by highly effective products for everyday use at home.

BIODROGA Bioscience Institute Anti Age Beauty Treatment

BIODROGA makes dreams come true with the pampering and at the same time effective ANTI AGE BEAUTY TREATMENT. Relaxing elements such as the BIODROGA Black Forest Beauty Massage meet the performance of effective products. You can enjoy this treatment already with beginning skin aging with first lines and wrinkles, but also with pronounced lines and wrinkles you can expect pure relaxation with effective effect. The focus is on smoothing the skin's surface, minimizing lines and wrinkles, tightening the skin, as well as an intensive supply of active ingredients for a radiant, youthful glow.

BIODROGA Bioscience Institute Perfect Age Beauty Treatment

The perfect time for a relaxing BIODROGA wellness experience is...always when you make room for it. Especially when the treatment promises a unique effect. Enjoy moments of true beauty and relaxation - and awaken from the depths of the Black Forest with plumped-up, recontoured skin. We recommend this treatment for advanced skin aging, when your skin shows lines and wrinkles, as well as loss of contour, tension and volume. The focus is on plumping, minimizing lines and wrinkles, optimizing tone, recontouring, as well as regeneration and intensive nourishment.

BIODROGA Medical Institute Anti Age Treatment

Highly concentrated active ingredient power meets a professional Medical Institute treatment method for unique results. Effect products with specially used acid ingredients make the skin appear firm and plump after treatment. New youthful radiance characterizes it - no matter what age. We recommend this treatment at any stage of skin aging. The goal is plump, smoothed skin with firmed facial contours and youthful radiance.

BIODROGA Medical Institute Expert Acid Treatment

Acid treatments are among the most effective treatments in dermacosmetics. In a BIODROGA medical institute acid treatment, up to three specific acids are individually combined to suit your skin condition or the skin problems to be treated. In this way, an acid and cure treatment can be individually designed for you - for beautiful and healthy skin.