True Heritage

Our origins

Born in Baden-Baden, at home in the Black Forest.

We, at BIODROGA, stand for comprehensive beauty know how in high-performance cosmetics sind 1959. At our headquarters in Baden-Baden, we unite cross-divisional inhouse expertise and a flexible sales structure with high quality standards across all production steps. BIODROGA is made in Germany, made in Baden-Baden and at home in the Black Forest. In our partnership with the Black Forest Nature Park, we can learn from nature and our homeland and thus best combine nature and science in a very special way. Each of our BIODROGA Bioscience Institute products contains our Black Forest Complex, which brings your skin to rest, balances it, and provides relaxation and energy.

True Heritage.

True People.

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True Skincare.

True Experience.

BIODROGA Bioscience Institute

Selected Ingredients from the Black Forest.

We went in search of clues in our homeland and discovered special treasures that the Black Forest holds within itself. Treasures which we make impressive use of for BIODROGA. Treasures, for your beauty! The result is a unique, exclusive complex that combines the primordial forces of nature. United in itself: the Black Forest Complex. With elder, fern and moss it allows the skin to rest, brings it into balance, provides relaxation and gives it a special energy that is otherwise only attained through intensive nature experiences.

Elter, Fern and Moss

BIODROGA Black Forest Complex.

The Black Forest: mysterious, mystical and full of fascination. Mysterious stories and legends surround the Black Forest. In some places, trees, rocks, springs and lakes are said to possess wondrous, almost magical powers. Over millions of years, nature has developed an impressive landscape, whose archaic forces can still be felt today. We use the power of the mystical place in each of our BIODROGA Bioscience Institute products. Elder, harvested by ourselves in the Black Forest, moisturizes and strengthens the skin. It has an anti-inflammatory effect , is skin soothing and contributes to the regeneration of stressed skin. Fern has a toning, anti-inflammatory and calming effect. It allows the skin to regain its balance. Moss supports the skin’s barrier function and increases skin moisture. The skin can better adapt to climatic stress, its resistance is strengthened.

Nature and Science in a unique symbiosis

Biotechnologicyl power active ingredients.

Bioscience Institute combines biotechnological power active ingredients with the unique, in-house Black Forest Complex. Perfectly tailored to the needs of your skin. For exceptional moments of care with a pampering factor. Nature and science = Bioscience Institute. Biotechnology begins in our name. Our home with the unique nature is our role model. We rely on the formulation of our recipes based on natural ingredients as well as bioactive ingredients that can be obtained with the help of biotechnological processes. For this we use modern methods to extract certain ingredients from plant-based raw materials and natural substances to produce specifically in cell cultures. This biotechnology offers the possibility of producing ingredients on the basis of natural ingredients in a responsible way. It is therefore a particularly sustainable production method and ensures a secure, consistently high quality. Since science never comes to a standstill, new processes in biotechnology achieve new dimensions in the modes of action of modern skin care – for true beauty, today and in the future.

A nature park for everyone.

Black Forest Natur Park

We at BIODROGA are based in Baden-Baden, right at the gates of the Black Forest. Directly in front of our location rises the Black Forest Nature Park, the largest nature park in Germany – a landscape full of life, where magical elemental force and gentle magic meet. In our partnership with the Black Forest Nature Park, we can learn from nature and our homeland and thus combine nature and science in the best possible way – for the best effectiveness and absolute well-being. At all our national and international events and training courses, our cosmeticians, partners and friends can expect short adventure tours with a nature park guide. In this way, the individual components of the BIODROGA Black Forest Complex and the fascinating nature of the Black Forest around the Geroldsau Waterfalls can be discovered. Our BIODROGA Relax-Areas invite you to stay there and enjoy nature.

True Experience

BIODROGA Black Forest Ritual.

In each of our BIODROGA Bioscience Institute products you can feel the power of the Black Forest. During your treatment at the Institute, you can also sink deep into the magical world of the Black Forest. This makes it easy to “switch off” and get involved in the treatment. The combination of Black Forest spray, relaxing grip techniques and our Black Forest audio experience invites you to take a mental journey into the Black Forest and provides the perfect basis for a deeply relaxing treatment.

Learning from the nature of our home. BIODROGA Bioscience Institute combines nature and science in clean formulations for moments of true beauty. Our in-house Black Forest Complex is based on the elemental forces of nature and provides unique energy and relaxation. Experience a time-out for all senses with BIODROGA Bioscience Institute – in the institute and at home.

Learning from the nature of our homeland. We unite nature and science in a very special way – for best effectiveness and absolute well-being. BIODROGA Bioscience Institute stands for a strengthened skin feeling and moments of real beauty. Our raw materials are always based on the model of nature. A large part of our ingredients are of natural origin or natural biological processes are determined by our founded knowledge. Our in-house Black Forest Complex unites the primordial forces of nature and provides a very special energy and relaxation. Gift yourself with the pampering treatments and enjoy a break for all the senses and a youthful glow – like a short break in the Black Forest.