Black Forest Spray
Black Forest Spray

Black Forest Spray
Black Forest Spray

Balance + Regeneration
50ml - Our search for clues in the mystical Black Forest has led us to unique treasures of nature. We use the power of this mysterious place and have created our own Black Forest Complex from plants that have shaped the face of our earth for millions of years, which is contained in all BIODROGA products. In a unique composition of active ingredients, the "Black Forest powers" of elderberry, fern and moss are combined to create a skin care complex in a class of its own. The highest concentration and thus the concentrated power of active ingredients is contained in our Black Forest Spray. That is what makes it an absolute "must have"for every skin.
  • regenerates and vitalizes the face and body
  • the fine spray mist has a calming effect
  • gives the skin a pleasant feeling of freshness
  • allows the skin to breathe a sigh of relief
Free from mineral oil, parabens & microplastic
Free from PEGs
Free from cyclic-silicones
Free from dyes
Free from animal-based ingredients
Free from lactose-containing ingredients
Free from gluten-containing ingredients
How to use

Apply in the morning and evening – and in-between. Spray on your face and body from a distance of around 20 cm.

Key Ingredients




AQUA (WATER) · GLYCERIN · PENTYLENE GLYCOL · ISOMALT · SAMBUCUS NIGRA FLOWER EXTRACT · PHYTOL · ADIANTUM CAPILLUS-VENERIS LEAF EXTRACT · CHONDRUS CRISPUS (CARRAGEENAN) · PROPANEDIOL · POLYGLYCERYL-4 CAPRATE · CAPRYLHYDROXAMIC ACID · CITRIC ACID · PARFUM (FRAGRANCE) // Die in der Liste angegebenen Inhaltsstoffe entsprechen dem gegenwärtigen Produktionsstand. Da wir kontinuierlich neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse berücksichtigen und unsere Formeln dementsprechend aktualisieren, ist die Angabe der Inhaltsstoffe auf der Verpackung ausschlaggebend. // The ingredients mentioned in the list reflect the current state of production. Since we continuously consider new scientific findings and update our formulas accordingly, the indication of the ingredients on the packaging is decisive.
Cosmetic Analysis


BIODROGA loves your skin

  • Black Forest Spray
  • BIODROGA Bioscience Institute
  • Black Forest Spray
  • Black Forest Spray

    Mysterious stories and legends surround the Black Forest. In some places, nature is said to possess miraculous, almost magical powers. We went in search of clues in our homeland and discovered very special treasures: Elderflower, Moss and Fern. The unique active ingredient composition form our BIODROGA Black Forest complex. Highly concentrated, our BIODROGA Bioscience Institute Black Forest Spray regenerates and revitalizes face and body.

  • BIODROGA Bioscience Institute
  • BIODROGA Bioscience Institute
  • BIODROGA Bioscience Institute

    Learning from the nature of our home. BIODROGA Bioscience Institut combines nature and science in clean formulations for moments of true beauty. Our in-house Black Forest Complex is based on the elemental forces of nature and provides unique energy and relaxation. Experience a time-out for all senses with BIODROGA Bioscience Institute – in the institute and at home.