The throat and décolleté belong to the so-called „sun terraces“. They are particularly stressed by external weather influences such as intense sunlight.

Furthermore, certain lying positions during sleeping promote the formation of wrinkles. Due to the heavy stress, the skin in this area is often dry, developing small to deep wrinkles and pigment changes, which makes it appear

unkempt. In the personal care ritual at home, the neck and décolleté are often forgotten during care and moisturizing. Therefore, we should pay special attention to these areas of the skin. Because skin care goes beyond

the face! At hot parties, festive New Year‘s Eve balls, gala events or dinner with the girls you can look your best with a well-groomed décolleté. The THROAT AND DÉCOLLETÉ SPECIAL is suitable for every skin type and every décolleté size.



  • Makes sagging skin tissue appear firm and plump again
  • Acts like an iron for neck and décolleté - wrinkles are a thing of the past
  • The skin shines in new freshness


Well-groomed and firm skin on the neck and décolleté