On the stage that is our face, the lips are front and center. They are always on display with no where to hide. Lips are the most beautiful playground and it is high time to provide the most sensitive skin are with more attention. The new Firming Lip Treatment from BIODROGA offers a cocktail of the highest quality ingredients to create a smooth, supple lip area-with an anti-age effect and natural glow.





Our lips are very sensitive. This is due to the structure of the lip skin, which differs to the skin on our face. The lip skin is 0,2 mm thin, which makes up one-tenth of the facial skin thickness. The skin on our lips is missing the important hydrolipid protective film which protects the skin from drying out. The intensive care formua with a complex made from valuable oils and waxes (coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba wax, mimosa wax, and sunflower wax. D-Panthenol conditions stressed, irritated, dry lips, strengthens the moisture barrier, re-hydrates, and protects against environmental influences. It counteracts inflammatory processes of the lip skin, relieves itching, and soothes mild irritation. Very demanding lips are intensively condiitoned and return to being pleasantly soft and beautiful.

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With anti-aging, the first thought is given to the face, but not on the lips. However, on the delicate lips, the first signs of aging begin to show the most. It's no wonder, because they are daily subjected to the same environmental influences. With time, the lips lose volume, the first wrinkles begin to show, and the lip contour becomes less defined. These are mostly very fine, but they influence the overal facial appearance, "so-called accordion wrinkles in the mouth region which, through a pronounced facial expression in combination with diminishing resilience of the skin, creates streak-like lines over and under the edges of the lips. The ingredient paracresite extract acts like a form of plant-based botox. It relaxes the expressive musculature around the lips, thus the accordion wrinkles appear less deep. Age-related lip wrinkles are smoothed and firmed at the same time. Vitamin E promotes skin cell renewal, making the lips suppler, and counteracts the first signs of aging.





Luckily, over-inflated "Duck Lips" are no longer a beauty ideal, but slightly fuller, perfectly formed, sensual pout-are every woman's desire. BIODROGA has therefore integrated high molecular hyaluronic acid in the lip care, that sits on the surface of the lips like a film. This film supports the function of the NMF, and protects the lips from dehydration and helps them to remain supple. This keeps the lips fully hydrated, which in turn improves the lip volume, causing the lips to appear fuller. Citrus extract stimulates the blood flow to the lips, which also allows the lips to appear more voluminous. The fruity extract is pleasantly refreshing and offers a cooling effect upon application. BIODROGA has integrated shimmer pigments, creating a subtle shine, which makes the lips also appear fuller, with a natural glow.


Cracked, dry lips make even full lips look smaller. Dry lips should be regularly treated to a gentle lip peeling (Biodroga Micro-Dermabrasion)-this helps instantly! It removes dry skin cells and stimulates the skin's circulation. This allows the intensively conditioning formula of the Firming Lip Treatment to effectively penetrate the skin, leaving the lips soft and supple.



Masks are wonderful for the skin on the face: They can refresh, condition, and nourish-very intensively!  The skin on our lips looks forward to an extra portion of attention-why not treat them to a mask as well? The new Firming Lip Treatment can also be applied thickly as a packing treatment.



Daily we make around 15,000 movements with our mouth. Smiling and kissing are the most wonderfull-and are great fitness training at the same time. By kissing, we use 12 lip muscles, which with regular training, tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles. And: 2 minutes of smiling has the same effect as 10 minutes of exercise.



Of course a new treatment concept for the cabin awaits you with our new lip care BIODROGA SPECIAL CARE FIRMING LIP TREATMENT, our "Lip Special" for the cabin. Say "goodbye" to chapped and rough lips and "hello" to well-groomed, soft and smooth lips. The combination of various massage techniques with the lip care miracle Firming Lip Treatment also relaxes the facial muscles of the mouth area, preventing and minimizing lip wrinkles.