Skin Booster
5% AHA Serum

Skin Booster
5% AHA Serum

Smoothing & Tightening
15ml - The innovative serum with a complex of 5% glycolic acid (AHA acid) and the patented active ingredient geranyl geranylpropanol (GGP) has been specially developed to slow down the process of skin aging and mitigate signs of aging. Collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis are supported, lines and wrinkles are actively minimized, and the skin appears visibly smoothed.
  • slows down the process of skin aging and softens signs of aging
  • supports the development and maintenance of dermis
  • actively minimizes lines and wrinkles
  • skin appears visibly smoothed
Free from mineral oil, parabens & microplastic
Free from PEGs
Free from cyclic-silicones
Free from dyes
Free from fragrances
Free from animal-based ingredients
Free from lactose-containing ingredients
Free from gluten-containing ingredients
How to use

Apply to cleansed skin and pat in gently. Then apply care.

Key Ingredients

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring AHA acid. AHA acid gives the skin a smoother skin surface and youthful freshness. It promotes the skins regeneration and increases skin firmness. It softens lines and wrinkles and supports the hydration of the skin.


Geranylgeranyl-Propanol counteracts the biological clock. It stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. The skin gains firmness and elasticity, wrinkles are visibly smoothed and signs of skin aging are fought from the inside out. The result is a rejuvenated complexion.
AQUA (WATER) · GLYCOLIC ACID · CAPRYLIC/ CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE · PENTYLENE GLYCOL · GLYCERIN · SODIUM HYDROXIDE · ADANSONIA DIGITATA SEED OIL · SPHINGOMONAS FERMENT EXTRACT · GERANYLGERANYLISOPROPANOL · CETEARYL OLIVATE · SUCCINOGLYCAN · PROPANEDIOL · SORBITAN OLIVATE · CAPRYLHYDROXAMIC ACID // Die in der Liste angegebenen Inhaltsstoffe entsprechen dem gegenwärtigen Produktionsstand. Da wir kontinuierlich neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse berücksichtigen und unsere Formeln dementsprechend aktualisieren, ist die Angabe der Inhaltsstoffe auf der Verpackung ausschlaggebend. // The ingredients mentioned in the list reflect the current state of production. Since we continuously consider new scientific findings and update our formulas accordingly, the indication of the ingredients on the packaging is decisive.
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    SKIN BOOSTER serums are designed as problem solvers. Due to their composition and high concentration of active ingredients they make the most intensive contribution and sustainable improvement to the skin situation. Peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and hightech active ingredients paired with individual acids form the basis of the highly efficient power products and are thus the key to maximum effectiveness.

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    Professional support, performance treatments and power incis – at BIODROGA Medical Institute your skin is in good hands. The individual care and treatment concept with high-performance active ingredients and selected acids promises convincing results for every skin type. In addition, our cleanness standards and close cooperation with dermatologists ensure optimal skin compatibility.