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A moisturizer with a medical dermatological basis offers a highly effective formulation. The key ingredient of BIODROGA Medical Institute MOISTURE products is hyaluronic acid. The special ingredient acts like a “water magnet” andhave the ability to bind up to six liters of water per gram. Moisturizing ingredients are transferred effectively into the skin and thus ensure both instant and long-term hydration of the skin. This superior feature helps to balance the moisture deficiency of the skin and to optimize the moisture capacity of the skin. Added ingredients such as Pomegranate extract and vitamin E acetate have an antioxidative effect against free radicals. Yam root extract supports the skin’s own functions and combats signs of skin aging caused by hormonal changes. Licorice root extract has a soothing effect on the skin. Hybrid sunflower seed oil and olive oil derivative are responsible for a supple skin sensation. Free from parabens, mineral oils, and emulsifiers.

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Professional support, performance treatments and power incis - at BIODROGA Medical Institute your skin is in good hands. The individual care and treatment concept with high-performance active ingredients and selected acids promises convincing results for every skin type. In addition, our cleanness standards and close cooperation with dermatologists ensure optimal skin compatibility.