BIODROGA Bioscience Institute


Perfect complexion, perfect radiance, perfect self-confidence. Foundations nowadays are far more than just make-up – they are rightly regarded as smart all-rounders. For BIODROGA as a skincare specialist, it goes without saying that a foundation needs to not only magically create a smooth, perfect complexion but also meet the same high standards as a care product – i.e. excellent compatibility, intensive conditioning and protective properties, and a wonderful texture that flatters the skin. The ideal foundation make-up matches one’s natural skin color perfectly and provides for a flawless complexion.

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Produkte der Serie im Überblick

Learning from the nature of our home. BIODROGA Bioscience Institut combines nature and science in clean formulations for moments of true beauty. Our in-house Black Forest Complex is based on the elemental forces of nature and provides unique energy and relaxation. Experience a time-out for all senses with BIODROGA Bioscience Institute - in the institute and at home.