BIODROGA Bioscience Institute

Intense Moisture Formula

Moisture is the key to fresh, vitalized skin. Your skin needs moisture in order to maintain all its functions and look radiant and fresh as well. All the skincare products in the INTENSE MOISTURE FORMULA range contain a special blend of ingredients that act as thirst-quenchers to the skin. These leading ingredients are combined in a complex called the BIOACTIVE MOISTURE COMPLEX, which consists of hyaluronic acid, super-hyaluronic acid and madecassoside. Hyaluronic acid HM coats the skin like a protective film of moisture and protects it from moisture loss. Super-hyaluronic acid LM penetrates the skin and plumps it up from inside, binding the moisture in deep and making the skin look plumper. Madecassoside promotes the formation of moisturizers in the skin. This ensures an even distribution of moisture. In addition, the firmness of the skin is supported, the skin protection barrier is strengthened, and the skin’s own restructuring capacity is improved.

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Learning from the nature of our home. BIODROGA Bioscience Institut combines nature and science in clean formulations for moments of true beauty. Our in-house Black Forest Complex is based on the elemental forces of nature and provides unique energy and relaxation. Experience a time-out for all senses with BIODROGA Bioscience Institute - in the institute and at home.