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Redness, inflammations, pustules and unpleasant itchiness – Millions of people are affected by dermal overreactions! The skin rashes are often accompanied by small, dilated blood vessels – telangiectasias. These shine through the epidermis and are visible on the skin’s surface as red or blue networks of veins. Telangiectasias are usually described as couperose in combination with permanent rashes on the face. The dermacosmetic products in the ANTI-REDNESS line from BIODROGA Medical Institute are specially developed for skin that is prone to telangiectasias and couperose. When applied regularly, they help to significantly reduce redness, strengthen the capillaries and vascular walls in the skin, and provide protection and resistance. Teleangyn™ is a soothing tetrapeptide which can combat redness and collagenases. Another benefit of this innovative ingredient: It optimizes the skin’s firmness and elasticity, combats inflammation, prevents functional disorders of the skin, protects the skin cells from hyperpigmentation, and guarantees a more even complexion.

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Professional support, performance treatments and power incis - at BIODROGA Medical Institute your skin is in good hands. The individual care and treatment concept with high-performance active ingredients and selected acids promises convincing results for every skin type. In addition, our cleanness standards and close cooperation with dermatologists ensure optimal skin compatibility.