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Anti-Age EGF/R

When the natural skin aging process begins, the skin’s own EGF production slows down. The skin becomes thinner, is less elastic, and has wrinkles. EGF is a messenger substance that boosts cell renewal. Stanley Cohen and Rita Levi-Montalcini won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1986 in connection with the EGF function — the basis for EGF’s global drive in the cosmetics industry. BIODROGA Medical Institute has integrated a synthetic, nature-identical replica of the human EGF into its ANTI-AGE EGF/R premium skincare as the main ingredient. If EGF is applied to the skin, special receptors can recognize the bio-identical EGF. Through these receptors, the natural growth of the skin cells is stimulated, and lines and wrinkles are minimized.

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Professional support, performance treatments and power incis - at BIODROGA Medical Institute your skin is in good hands. The individual care and treatment concept with high-performance active ingredients and selected acids promises convincing results for every skin type. In addition, our cleanness standards and close cooperation with dermatologists ensure optimal skin compatibility.