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  • 2014

    2014 - Bioactive Anti-Age Complex
    BIODROGA integrates the Bioactive Anti-Age Complex into the Anti-Age series – a multifunctional complex of active ingredients that can effectively halt chronological skin aging. The Bioactive Anti-Age Complex is made up of Argan stem cells and oligopeptides which protect the skin’s stem cells and stimulate natural skin functions.
    Innovative active ingredients such as the signaling peptide EDP3 drive progress and ensure that there is a steady increase in efficacy as demonstrated by the Global Anti-Age Formula series. The signaling peptide EDP3 acts as a signaling molecule in the skin. EDP (elastin-derived peptide) is an oligopeptide. EDP3 is a messenger which can stimulate elastin synthesis and the formation of other components of the extracellular matrix such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. The proliferation of the skin cells is also boosted, meaning that more new skin cells reach the skin’s surface. The elasticity of the skin is optimized and facial features appear more toned. The level of moisture in the skin is increased and the formation of elastin is stimulated which tones the skin.

  • 2012

    CAVIAR & RADIANCE is the latest synonym for smooth, toned and radiant skin. The select formulations and delicate textures of our Anti-Age range along with the feel-good factor combine luxury with mysterious exoticism. The secret behind the new CAVIAR & RADIANCE is the combination of a sophisticated caviar extract with an exotic extract from dragon fruit.




  • 1990/2000

    1990s/ 2000s  - Indulgence concepts and innovative skincare series
    In 1994 BIODROGA SYSTEMS wins the PRIX LES NOUVELLES ESTHETIQUES, the Oscar of the cosmetics industry, for outstanding product quality. From this point onwards, indulgence concepts become a key focus for institutes: In 1997 BIODROGA SYSTEMS introduces the ENERGY ACTIVATOR and the Biodroga method for treatments in cosmetics institutes. The underlying principle is that all material can be traced back to energy, and energy can be specifically stimulated via acupuncture points. In the 2000s a number of innovative skincare series containing novel ingredients are placed on the market including skincare products that are specifically targeted to compensate for skin flaws during menopause, to deliver new energy to the skin, that are suitable for highly sensitive skin as well as for pre- and post-treatment for plastic surgery procedures and also a men’s range that specifically meets the skincare needs of the more rugged sex.

  • 1980

    1980s – Repair Complex – an innovative active ingredient
    In 1980 BIODROGA introduced the first series for adolescent skin problems: BIO PURAN. The range is now called PURAN FORMULA. Together with a team of internationally recognized researchers, BIODROGA launched the novel active ingredient Repair Complex in the BIO REPAIR skincare series in the early 1980s. The active ingredient was the first to help the skin to help itself and to prevent the causes of sun-related skin aging and to repair sun-related skin damage. The line has been steadily expanded since then and is still part of our range under the name REPAIR & CELL PROTECTION.

  • 1970

    1970s – Innovations with the CREME 2000
    In 1970 BIODROGA was the first brand worldwide to use soluble collagen and placed the BIODROGA 2000 series on the market, a series which rapidly became a sales hit both nationally and internationally. Hollywood beauties swear by the Made in Germany cream. In the same year, Walter Friedmann died and his widow Maria Augustin took over the business and continued to expand the company.

    In 1975 BIODROGA introduced the ‘2 tendencies’ system, which addressed classification based on skin type for treatments: for normal to oily skin and normal to dry skin.

  • 1960

    1960s – Advanced application methods and skincare systems
    In the mid 1960s the brand stood on its own two feet and was an innovative leader in the cosmetics market right from the start. The dedicated cosmetologist Walter Friedmann developed new and even more effective products and skincare systems and was indefatigable in his search for advanced application methods and treatment technologies.




  • 1959

    Company founder Walter Friedmann teamed up with cosmetician Rosel Heim at the end of the 1940s and developed one of the first complete skincare series in the world of cosmetics which was tailored to different skin types. The idea behind the skincare systems was born. He dedicated himself intensively to research and extracting botanical active ingredients and, based on these research results, he introduced the Biodroga Systems brand to the global public for the first time in 1959 at the XIII Cidesco Congress in Lucerne, Switzerland. The brand name is derived by combining ‘bio’ = biological and ‘droga’ = based on plants.