The ultimate summer feeling on an impressive open deck, festive music, and a boisterous atmosphere on the dance floor, came together to make an exhilerating spectacle!

On the 29th of March, 2019 BIODROGA hosted an exclusive event on the water-aboard the ship theOcean Diva“ in Düsseldorf.

The 250 invited guests included BIODROGA Customers.

First, and foremost, the guests were introduced to the new BIODROGA Anti-Age Line, „PERFECT AGE FORMULA“ for perfected facial contours and experience an unforgettable evening onboard.


The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of our newest Anti-Aging innovation-Perfect Age Formula:

The modern woman knows the effects of time, gives her skin the chance in this phase of her life, to develop the optimal age-appropriate beauty.

Due to the  restructuring of the female hormone balance during menopause, the production of collagen and elastin in the connective tissues decreases causing the skin to lose elasticity and stability, The underlying facial structures begin to sag.  It’s about being well-groomed and feeling good in order to enjoy every phase of life to its fullest.

With the new skin care series PERFECT AGE FORMULA, BIODROGA offers you the perfect support in your tumultuous everyday life-Anti-Aging was yesterday- Perfect Agi

The effects of PERFECT AGE FORMULA are:

V-Shape Effect: The facial contours are lifted and stabilized

Firming and restructuring of the facial skin

Stimulation of collagen synthesis

Prevention of the loss of elasticity

Stabilization of the moisture balance of demanding skin


It was a wonderful evening, allowing us to enchant our customers with all of our new products. Many thanks to all of the participants.

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