HIGH-PERFORMANCE Premium Skin Care Luxurious power skincare for a perfect Skin 24-h High-Performance Formula for 100% skincare meets any skin demand

• firms skin and increases its elasticity
• improves skin’s collagen and glycosaminoglycane synthesis
• visibly diminishes lines and wrinkles

• protects the epidermal stem cells and their longevity
• protects against negative environmental influences

• efficiently protects skin’s own repair mechanisms
• prevents light-induced skin damages

• supplies skin with lavish moisture
• sustainably protects it against dryness
• improves water transportation within skin

Improvement of skin relief:
• refines skin’s pores
• smoothes skin’s structure

makes skin noticeably soft and supple. Multi-functional skincare fort he highest demands! With effective ingredients from nature, perfectly combined with high-tech components. The high concentration of ingredients in this luxurious formula imparts an incomparable skin feeling and care experience.