Gloria Award 2019

Since 2014, The "Gloria Award", the German Cosmetic Industry's highest honor is awarded to Cosmetic Salons for their outstanding engagement with their customers and the Industry as a whole.

In the Categories 


  • Company Founding
  • Nail Salon
  • Cosmetic Salon up tp 2 employees
  • Pedicure Salon
  • Cosmetic Salon with more than 3 employees
  • Lifetime Archievement

the prestigious award can be taken home. 

Two BIODROGA Institutes are nominated for the 6th Annual Gloria Award. The Ceremony will take place on 30.03.19. We're crossing our fingers and look forward to an unforgetable evening in Düsseldorf! 


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Category Company Founding: "npunkt ästhetische kosmetik"

The Cosmetics Salon "Npunkt Ästhetische Kosmetik" is nominated for the Gloria Award along with Owner Nicola Schröder. 


After 30 years in the hotel industry, íncluding 20 years as the Owner-Manager of her ownd Hotel Management Agency, Nicola Schöder was ready for a change and let her passion for beauty and skin care guide her.  With the opening of her salon, "N Punkt Ästhetische Kosmetik in the begining of 2018, has achieved  with Its stylish rooms and relaxing atmosphere while  applying the  latest in skin care technology, most effective ingredients, and individually tailored treatment plans.  Ms. Schöder and her employee, Joanna Bachman work under the motto "Well Being with Lasting Impact"


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Category Lifetime Archievement: Kosmetikstudio Elke Städtler-Steinig

Gloria Award Nominee Elke Städler-Steinig is nominated in the category Lifetime Achievement for her Cosmetic and Pedicure Salon in Dresden.


Founded in 1999, this Salon is definitely a Lifetime Achievement.  Elke Städler-Steinig completed her extensive training in East Germany and fought hard years later to achieve her master qualification which is the basis for self-employment.  Shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall, she recieved her Master Beautician title.


Today, her salon is a place where emphasis is placed on a personal touch.  Elke Städler-Steinig is well known for her way of giving more time and attention to her customers, her trainees and apprentices as the others, and her bi-annnual parties have become a tradition.


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